Thursday, 16 August 2012

Ramzan 3 Asras Duas With Urdu Meanning

Allah have given us this holy month of ramzan. Which is a gift from Allah and in this month every deeds you will do will get double or more and in this month Allah told to ask forgiveness from him and he will forgive you and our prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.w)said
"barbaad ho gaya wo shaks jis ne apni zindgi ramzan ko paya aur apni maghferat na krwa saka"

"his life was ruined who he get the month of ramzan and didn't able to get forgiveness"

And this is divided in three different Ashras and one Ashras is of 10 days and all three ashras have three different quality

1, Ashra of mercy (Rehmat ka Ashra)

2, Ashra of Forgiveness(magfirat ka Ashra)

3, Ashra of Salvation from Hell (dozakh se nijat ka Ashra)

And each Ashra have its own supplication

First Ashra Supplication

Second Ashra Supplication

Third Ashra Supplication

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