Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Fitra Infomation 2012 - Ramzan 1433

Fitra 2012 - Ramzan 1433

Fitra as per Binori Town Karachi as follows

1- Kishmish (3.5 Kg.)
Pakistan Rupees 1160/=

2- Khajoor (3.5 Kg.)
Pakistan Rupees 620/=

3- Joo (3.5 Kg.)
Pakistan Rupees 140/=

4- Gandum (1.75 Kg. approx 2 Kg)
Pakistan Rupees 70/=

It is recommended to give Fitra as per Kishmish. Last option is to go for Gandum. If ALLAH has blessed you with money and enough resources sufficing your basic needs, then you should go for Fitrana as per Kishmish. May ALLAH accept our deeds and give us strength to spend in HIS way.


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