Thursday, 26 January 2012

World Islamic Places : Makkah and Madina

Mecca and Madina : The most important city for all muslims in the world. We can also called them as the holy city of islam religion which every mosleem in the warld should be want to have a journey to Mecca and Madina. As we know in the islam way, one of the islam obligation is doing hajj in mecca or more precisely in the masjidil haram.

In the history of Islam, Mecca is the most historical city. The Quran (holy Quran) was revealed first time in this city, as well as Mohammad prophet was also born and growth in this city before he moved (hijrah) to Madina.

There are many historical heritage of Islam in Mecca and Madina. There are many buildings tha was built during the glory period of Islam that is still being maintained well. The grandeur of the buildings and mosque in Mecca and Madina proved how glorius Islam in the past centuries.

And This is the Beauty Of Mecca and Madina

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